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Empower Your Mental Health: A Guide for Black Women

In a world that often tries to dismiss and diminish our experiences, it's crucial that we prioritise our mental well-being. As Black women, we face unique challenges and pressures, so remember, your mental health matters.

Here are some ways to protect your mental health 💜 Take care of yourself, nourish your soul, and never forget the incredible strength you possess.

Let's us know your thoughts in the comments and what things you do to look after yourself?


Take Action Right Now

Your mental health demands attention and you can’t wait until the "next season", you have to do it right now.

Black women often feel like we have to tackle everything alone, even when we’re drowning.

Call a friend or family member and ask for help when you need it. Sometimes help comes in the form of just having someone to talk to, and sometimes solutions come from reaching out so don’t go it alone.


We have to rest. It is our body and our mind’s opportunity to rejuvenate and to heal. Stereotypes like the "Strong Black Woman", and the growth of "rise and grind" culture mean that as Black women we can often feel that if we’re not producing, we’re wasting time, which can be a huge strain on our mental health.

Rest can come in all forms: Sleep, taking social media breaks, turning your phones over at your family dinner, or declining the invitation to go out on a Saturday night. You need it. We all need it and you deserve it.


Staying in tip-top shape is very important for Black women as Exercise helps us manage depression, stress and other emotional issues.

Engaging in some form of movement for 30 minutes a day will get your heart rate up. endorphins are released that pump through your body going straight to the pleasure centers And this is the boost that your body needs.

Any movement is good for you, so whether you decide to run, jog, cycle, hit the yoga mat or walk, lets all get moving!!

Eating a Nutritious Diet

What we put in our bodies affects us mentally. Having a diet filled with vegetables and fruits is essential to keeping our minds sharp.

It can be tempting to self-medicate stress with unhealthy foods and overeating, but sugary and processed foods and drinks don’t make the stress better.

The key to managing a healthy diet is being organized. Try setting aside some time to plan out what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Remember to stay hydrated.

We all like a treat but remember, everything in moderation!

Clear Out The Toxicity

What do you need to get rid of to make space for what you want to manifest?

Getting all those clothes out of the wardrobe? Those relationships that we need to let go of because they’re weighing us down? The job that is sucking the soul out of you? What do you need to just let go of?

Create space for Black joy in your day.

Accept & Affirm Yourself 

Learn how to be somebody who affirms themselves. Become that person who can say, "Sis, you're doing a good job", because you are. You are doing a great job and more than ever we need to start hearing that from ourselves.


Check out our Plan and Reflect Planners and find the perfect balance of organisation and reflection for your mental health and wellbeing.


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